Outsoucing and rule/end based ethics

I would like you to use the rules-based, ends-based distinction to analyze an aspect of your topic.
End based or consequentialism assumes that the morality of an action must be ultimately judged by the good results that are realized. However, rule based or deontological thinking which asserts that actions should be judged by their inherent rightness and validity, not by the goodness or badness of policy outcomes. The topic of outsourcing from the American point of view can best be viewed from the consequentialist perspective. The American government is sacrificing the means of employing American workers for the return of cheaper products in the
United States. In term of the means, American workers are out of jobs because their jobs are being sent overseas and a cheaper labor price. From a consequestialist perspective, although the means are morally illegitimate, the out come is positive, resulting in cheaper goods for U.S. citizens.



One Response to “Outsoucing and rule/end based ethics”

  1. georgegeorge Says:

    I think it is a good exercise to look at this situation from a rule-based perspective by looking at the clothing company American Apparel. It was founded in California and is based on the importance of living wages and factory production in Los Angeles. Is rule-based morality realistic and practical in today’s world? I think yes. American Apparel is now a booming company and shows off their employees and working conditions on its website. The employees are treated fairly and the work is not outsourced. The company provides legitimate jobs for Americans while producing quality products.

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